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Modification by a quantifier

The content noun may not be modified by quantifiers. This may be due to the fact that the measure noun is itself a kind of quantifier.


The following example shows that the content noun may not be modified by a universal quantifier in a bare partitive construction:

Example 1

*In kilo alle flikken
a kilo all chocolate.drops
A kilo of all chocolate drops

The content noun may not be modified by a numeral either:

Example 2

*In pear de seis guozzen
a few the six geese
A few of the six geese

This also holds in case the two nouns are joined by the preposition mei with (excluding a kind interpretation):

Example 3

*In kilo mei alle flikken
the kilo with all chocolate.drops
A kilo with all chocolate drops

The same fact is illustrated below for the negative quantifier:

Example 4

*In soad gjin flikken
a lot no chocolate.drops
A lot of no chocolate drops

The same facts are found in English.