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2 Complementation of APs

Four types of argument structure may be distinguished for adjectives:

  1. Intransitive, that is, the adjective has one argument
  2. Transitive: the adjective has an extra NP argument
  3. Prepositional: the adjective has an extra argument of the category PP
  4. Clausal: the adjective occurs with a clausal argument

Examples illustrating these four types have been provided below, in which the arguments of the adjective has been bracketed:

Ju oolde Ku.
the old cow
The old cow.
Iek bän [mien Jeeld] kwiet.
I am my money lost
I lost my money.
Ju Äide is full [fon dien Skäpsele].
the earth is full of your creatures
The earth is full of your creatures.
Hie stoant aaltied peroat [tou hälpen].
he stands always ready to help
He is always willing to help.

The first type is by far the most frequent, and prototypical of the category of the adjective. The other three types are quite rare, but of these three, the prepositional type is most common. In addition, the three rare types may be subject to restrictions with respect to the outer structure which they appear in. For example, the adjectives in (2) and (3) cannot be used attributively, as in (1). Read more in the topics below:

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