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An affixoid is a word that exhibits affix-like behaviour when it is part of a compound. For instance, the noun hond dog in the adjectival compound hond+lelik dog+ugly very ugly does not have its original meaning ( dog), but acquired a new meaning ( very) it occurs as the left-hand constituent of many adjectival compound. Therefore, hond÷ is called a prefixoid, since its usage resembles that of a prefix: a morpheme whose form and meaning is bound to being part of a compound. Similarly, ÷broek (originally meaning trousers) is called a suffixoid, since its usage resembles that of a suffix in a compound like bang+broek afraid+trousers scaredy-cat.

In the Afrikaans section of Taalportaal affixoids are indicated by means of the division sign (÷). Hence, the "affixoidal analyses" hond÷lelik and bang÷broek are used instead of the "compound analyses" hond+lelik and bang+broek.

{UNDER CONSTRUCTION} In a future update, affixoids will be discussed here in more detail.

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