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As PP of time

Adpositional Phrases (PPs) of time may be relativized.


An example of the relativization of a PP of time is provided below:

Example 1

a. In goede tiid om mei min nijs te kommen is der net
a good time to with bad news to come is there not
There is not a good time to bring bad news
b. In goede tiid om fuort te gean is tsien oere
a good time for away to go is ten o'clock
Ten o'clock is a good time to leave

Strictly speaking, we do not know the category of the element that has been relativised. Perhaps it could just as well be an NP. However, temporal adverbials are usually expressed as PPs in examples that do not involve relativisation, as in the example below:

Example 2

a. Ik gean om dy tiid fuort
I go at that time away
I leave at that time
b. *Ik gean dy tiid fuort
I go that time away
I leave at that time

It is clear from the contrast above that the temporal adverbial corresponds to a PP.