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There is a small set of adjectives that have irregular comparatives.


The following adjectives are irregular:

Example 1

a. goed -better
good - better
b. graach - leaver
gladly - preferably/rather
c. ier - earder
early - earlier
d. folle - mear
much/many - more
e. min/in bytsje - minder
bad/little - less

See also inflection on adjectives in Frisian Morphology for more information. These irregular forms may be subject to meaning specialisation. For example, the form min bad is not freely used in Modern Frisian. Instead, the synonym in bytsje a little is used:

Example 2

a. *It kostet min
it costs few
It costs a little
b. It kostet in bytsje
it costs a little
It costs a little

The form min bad is mainly used after te too:

Example 3

Dat is te min
that is too little
that is too little / that is not enough

In nineteenth-century and older Frisian, min bad could also occur after sa so. Nowadays, this is still possible in the expression sa min mooglik as little as possible.

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More details can be found in Hoekstra (1990).

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