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Show all Partitive adjectives (inflection)

Partitive adjectives are context dependent adjectives ending in -es (an obsolete genitive case morpheme). They combine with indefinite pronouns to express ‘something [A]’.

niks Goudes ‘nothing good’; fuul Flugges ‘many beautiful things’; wät Wäites ‘something white’; wät Beteres ‘something better; Dwoot moor Goudes foar do Äärme. ‘Do more good deeds for the poor.’; wät Litjes ‘something small (i.e. a newborn baby)’

Partitive adjectives can do without a preceding pronoun. Such words are almost or completely lexicalised.

Goudes brangt dät Leed ook mee ‘suffering involves good things, too’. Läipes ferjäldt hie mäd Goudes. ‘He retaliates evil with good.’ Swäites ‘sweets’
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