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Intransitive adpositions

Intransitive adpositions do not take a complement, but they may or may not take an external argument. The adposition út out takes an external argument in the first example below, but not in the second:

a. It fjoer is út
the fire is out
The fire is out
b. Se laitsje jim út
they laugh you out
They are laughing at you

The class of intransitive adpositions shows a considerable overlap with the class of postpositions and with the class of prepositions (see relation between intransitive adpositions, prepositions and postpositions). The intransitive postposition om around can be used as a verbal diminutive, which is used to express that the activity described by the verb is degraded in some sense. Two examples are given below:

a. Hy prate dan mei har om as in bern
he talked then with her around like a child
He talked to her as to a child
b. Ik rin wat om op 'e keamer
I walk a little around on the room
I walk around a little in the room (to no purpose)
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