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Universal degree modifiers

The universal degree is expressed by modifiers such as heeltemal completely, for example as in:

Hy is heeltemal tevrede.
he be.PRS completely satisfied
He is completely satisfied.

To express a universal degree of application to an adjective, modifiers are used, which could be adverbs or multi-word adjuncts. The synonymous adverbs heeltemal completely and totaal totally, are used as follows:

Die bewering is heeltemal ongegrond.
the allegation be.PRS completely unfounded
The allegation is completely unfounded.
'n totaal onbekende variant van die virus
a totally unknown variant of the virus

Examples of word groups used as modifiers are geheel en al altogether and ten volle wholly, also largely synonomous with the adverb modifiers above:

Die situasie is geheel en al belaglik.
the situation be.PRS completely and all ridiculous
The situation is altogether ridiculous.
Dit behoort in April ten volle in gebruik te wees.
it should in April at.the in use to be
It should be wholly operational in April.

Some adjectives which morphologically incorporate a universal description, like wêreldwyd worldwide, also belong here. That is, they do not just involve a high degree, but a universal degree quantification:

'n toenemende wêreldwye bewustheid
an increasing worldwide consciousness
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