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All quantifiers trigger strong agreement, with the exception of the definite and demonstrative articles. Quantifiers not only trigger strong or weak agreement on adjectives, but some of them may themselves also bear strong agreement as an intrinsic property, not triggered by any preceding element (see strong agreement on quantifiers). If quantifiers exhibit agreement, then it is by law of logic always strong. Perhaps they exhibit weak agreement but it will never be visible, because weak agreement is unary and agreement on the quantifier would be an intrinsic property (not triggered by another element) (see quantifiers without agreement). It may be noticed that several quantifiers selecting plural nouns end in schwa themselves. With such quantifiers, it cannot be ascertained whether the agreement triggered is strong or weak, as the distinction is only visible in the neuter singular. Agreement on the adjective is strong in case there is no preceding quantifier (see adjectives without quantifiers.


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