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6.1 Complementive predication of AP

In a complementive construction, the presence of the predicate is required by the outer structure in which it occurs. So the verb of the outer structure cannot occur without the AP.

Et waas so wäit in Huus, dät dät Woater bie de Wogen andeelron.
it was so wet in house that the water at the wall down.ran
It was so wet in the house that the water ran down the wall.

Verb and AP have been put in boldface in the example above.


Complementive predications can be cross-classified along two dimensions. On the one hand, they can be classified depending on the nature of the predication with respect to the number of arguments:

  • intransitive
  • transitive

On the other hand, they can be classified depending on the verb mediating the relation of predication, as discussed in the following topics:

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