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1.3.A semantic classification of adpositional phrases

This section provides a semantic classification of the adpositions. We distinguish the three main groups in (159). These three groups will be discussed in the sections indicated between parentheses, where we will divide them further into several subclasses.

a. Spatial adpositions (Section 1.3.1)
b. Temporal adpositions (Section 1.3.2)
c. Non-spatial/temporal adpositions (Section 1.3.3)

We will also attempt to give a semantic characterization of the individual adpositions in this section. Due to the fact that detailed studies of the semantics of individual prepositions are lacking, many of the semantic characterizations will be rough and imprecise, and can certainly be refined in the future; what is given here should be seen as no more than a first attempt that can certainly be improved upon.

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