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Possessive determiners

Possessive pronouns function as determiners in Afrikaans when they are used attributively. As is the case with other determiners, they follow predeterminers (if these are present), and precede numerals, adjectives and nouns. In (1a), for instance, there is the predeterminer 'n paar van a few of, then the possessive pronoun ons our, adjective gunsteling favourite, and the noun keuses choices. Example (1b) also has a predeterminer before the determiner. In (1c) and (1e), there is an adjective between the determiner and noun, and in (1d) the noun is postmodified with a PP.

a. 'n paar van ons gunsteling keuses
'n few of our favourite choices
a few of our favourite choices
b. 'n spul van jou pa se pelle
a lot of your.SG dad PTCL.GEN friends
a lot of your dad's friends
c. sy inspirerende verhaal
his inspiring tale
his inspiring tale
d. ons onderneming teenoor u
our promise toward you.HON
our pomise to you
e. u eie woorde
your.HON own words
your own words

Further details about possessive determiners, or attributive possessive pronouns, can be found by following the link: Attributive possessive pronouns.

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