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Geographical adjectives

Nominalised geographical adjectives denote a context-insensitive property of the region to which they refer.


Nominalised geographical adjectives in -sk denote a property of the region to which they refer. If they are neuter nominalisations without further suffix, they denote the language. If they are appended with a schwa, they may denote any property associated with the geographical region:

a. It Frysk is in moaie taal
the.NG Frisian is a beautiful language
The Frisian language is a beautiful language
b. Wêr sit that Frysk-e him dan yn?
where sits that.NG Frisian.NE him DCP in
How does that Frisian aspect express itself?

Geographical adjectives in -er can be appended with an -sk to denote the language of a region, but they cannot be appended with a schwa to denote a propterty of the region:

a. In Fean-ster koekebakker
an Fean.ADJ cook.baker > bungler
A bungler from Heerenveen
b. It Fean-ster-sk is in stêdsdialekt
the Fean.ADJ.SUFF is a city.dialect
The dialect of Heerenveen is a city dialect
c. *Wêr sit that Fean-ster-sk-e him dan yn?
where sits that.NG Fean.ADJ.SUFF.NE him DCP in
How does that Heerenveen aspect express itself?


More details can be found in Hoekstra (1992).

  • Hoekstra, Jarich1992Dokkumers, Damwâldsters en DonkerbroekemersFriesch Dagblad24-10Taalsnipels 240
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