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Constructions with APs

Adjectives can occur in several constructions. A construction is a specific type of sentence or phrase.


Adjectives are found in the following constructions:

  • Attributive
    Example 1

    De hite simmer
    the hot summer
    The hot summer
  • Complementive predicative
    Example 2

    De simmer is hyt
    the summer is hot
    The summer is hot
  • Supplementive predicative
    Example 3

    Sytse sette drunken ôf
    Sytse went drunk away
    Sytse went away drunk
  • Appositive predicative
    Example 4

    Sytse, drunken, sette ôf
    Sytse drunk went away
    Sytse, drunk, went away
  • Partitive
    Example 5

    Wat moais
    something beautiful
    Something beautiful
  • Adverbial
    Example 6

    Dat hast moai dien
    that have.2SG beautiful done
    You have done that very well