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2.3.Adjectival complements

Adjectives acting as the complement of an adpositional phrase are rare. This possibility seems to be restricted to temporal constructions such as (46).

a. sinds lang/kort
  since long/recently
b. voor hoe lang
  for  how long

All other cases involve lexicalized constructions. Example (47a), for instance, typically arises with antonymous adjectives and expresses universal quantification; (46a) is more or less synonymous with the universal pronoun iedereen'everyone'. The examples in (46b&c) show that the construction is also possible with numerals and antonymous adpositions.

a. van groot tot klein
  from  big  to  small
b. van 1 tot 80
  from  to  80
c. van onder tot boven
  from  upstairs  to  downstairs
  'everywhere (e.g., in the house)'

Another case that can be mentioned is the idiomatic expression van jongs af'from early childhood', in which the adjective is adorned with an -s ending. Probably this is an abbreviated relic from an older expression van jongs been af'from young-s leg on'; cf. Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal, lemma kindsbeen.

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