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Inherent reciprocals

Inherent reciprocals form an idiomatic combination with verbs and prepositions. For example, út inoar literally means out of each other, and it can often be translated as apart:

Example 1

It horloazje foel útinoar
the watch fell out.of.each.other
The watch fell apart

The combination of verb, preposition and reciprocal can sometimes be translated as one verb into English:

Example 2

a. De holle knapt har hast útinoar
the head breaks her almost out.of.each.other
Her head almost explodes
b. It stel gie útinoar
the couple went out.of.each.other
The couple separated

Analogously, yninoar in each other can sometimes be translated as together:

Example 3

Hja set it horloazje yninoar
she puts the watch in.each.other
She puts the watch together

Sometimes, the combination of reciprocal and verb can be translated as one verb into English:

Example 4

It gebou sakke yninoar
the building fell in.each.other
The building collapsed