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Interrogative pronouns

Interrogative pronouns can be used to introduce main clause questions, as in the following examples:

Example 1

a. Wa koe it keare?
who could it turn
Who could prevent it?
b. Wêrom soe ik it net doare?
why would I it not dare
Why wouldn't I dare to do it

The form of the interrogative pronoun depends on its meaning and to some extent on its grammatical function, the interrogative pronouns can be used to introduce embedded questions. In that case, they may be followed by a complementiser. Two examples are given below:

Example 2

a. Wy witte krekt wat as de minsken jouwe
we know exactly what COMP the people give
We know exactly what people give
b. Wy witte wa't it dien hat
we know who.COMP it done has
We know who did it

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