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There are a few monosyllabic verbs in Saterland Frisian. They all end in -o (short infinitive): dwo ’to do’, sjo ‘to see’, slo ‘to beat’, tjo ‘to pull’, mjo ‘to mow’, krjo ‘to crow’. The originaly monosyllabic verb *skjo is preserved in the prefixed verb geskjo ‘to happen’.

Monosyllabic verbs are strong verbs, e.g. dwo, preterite died(e), past participle däin.

The vers sjo ‘to see’ features two distinct preterite stems (just like the strong verbs kwede ‘to speak’ and weze ‘to be’, for example). The past participle blouken (from *be-louken, cf. English to look) is a supplementive form.

Table 1
infinitive present preterite past ptc. imperative
dwo iek dwo iek died(e) däin dou! ‘to do’
du dääst du diest
hie dät hie died(e)
wie dwo wie dieden
geskjo t geskjucht t geskaach geskäin ‘to happen’
sjo iek sjo iek saach blouked sjuch! ‘to see’
du sjuchst du seechst
hie sjucht hie saach
wie sjo wie segen
slo iek slo iek sluuch sloain slach! ‘to beat’
du sluchst
hie slucht
wie sjo
tjo iek tjo iek tooch tain tjuch! ‘to pull’
du tjuchst
hie tjucht
wie tjo
mjo iek mjo iek mäinde mäind mjo! ‘to mow’
du mäinst
hie mäint
wie mjo
krjo iek krjo iek kräide kräid kräie ‘to crow’
du kräist
hie kräit
wie krjo
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