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Metaphorically quantified referential partitive nouns

The referential partitive noun may receive a measure interpretation of high amount by virtue of its metaphorical interpretation. This phenomenon may make it clear how referential nouns may develop into measure nouns.


The following examples involve referential nouns which receive a quantificational interpretation of high amount by virtue of their metaphorical interpretation.

a. Dit lyk vir my 'n hoop mense het "issues" en soek dit op sulke sites!
it look for me a heap people have.PRS issues and seek it on such sites
It seems as though a lot of people have issues and try to find it on sites like this!
b. Geen besigheid kan die massa gepeupel van krag voorsien waarvoor daar nie betaal word nie.
no business can.AUX.MOD the mass mob of power supply REL.for there not pay.PASS be.AUX.PRS.PASS PTCL.NEG
No business can provide the mass mob of power which is not paid for.

The metaphorically quantified noun can be preceded by demonstratives:

a. Hierdie hoop mense
this heap people
These masses of people
b. Daardie massa water
that mass water
Those masses of water
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