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Extraction of the modifier

Modifiers to preposition and postpositional phrases can be questioned.


The modifier can be questioned, as in the following examples:

a. Hoefolle meter rûn er de tunnel yn?
how.many meter walked he the tunnel in
How many meters did he walk into the tunnel?
b. Hoe'n ein rûn it paad de tún yn?
how.a distance ran the path the garden in
How far did the path run into the garden?

In some cases, a semantically suitable adjective must be used to question an Noun Phrase (NP) modifier, as in the following example:

a. Hy wenne tsien meter ûnder de grûn
he lives ten meters below the earth
He lived ten meters below the earth
b. Hoe djip wenne er ûnder de grûn?
how deep lived he below the earth
How deep did he live underground?
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