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The suffix -man may be attached to personal names, especially in negative contexts. It has the meaning 'follower, fan of {name}'.


The suffix -man can productively be attached to personal names, especially family names, and mainly in negative contexts. Actually the suffix is a suffixoid. It grammaticalized from the noun man man. Its meaning is something like 'follower, fan of {name}'. Here are a few examples:

Example 1

a. Ik bin net sa'n Wilders-man
I am not such-a Wilders-man
I am not a big fan of Wilders
b. Hy is gjin Rutte-man
he is no Rutte-man
He is not a fan of Rutte
c. It hat altyd in Domela-man west
it has always a Domela-man been
He has always been a follower of Domela

In this use, -man does not differ from when it takes a noun as base. As such, more information is to be found in the topic on -man with noun as base, and for the aspect of negative polarity especially in the section on negative polarity.

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Similar suffixes

A similar semantic effect is shown by the affixes -eftich and -ich. A difference is that these suffixes derive adjectives.