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Combinations of a noun and a verb display two shapes. The essential dividing criterion is separability. If the noun and the verb always remain adjacent, we have a case of noun incorporation. Most NV formations belong to this type. A critical syntactic constellation is formed by main sentences, if the relevant compound acts as a finite verb. An incorporation verb is not separated then:

Mem kelderhimmelet hjoed
Mum cellar-cleans today
Our mother cleans the cellar today

This is in contrast with a separable verb like dielnimme part-take to participate:

Hy naam juster diel oan it petear
he took yesterday part in the discussion
He took part in the discussion yesterday

The separable NV combinations are a subcategory of particle verbs, to which also belong combinations with adjectives, adverbs and adpositions.


For more information on noun incorporation and particle verbs of the type NV, please use the following links:

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