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Adjectives in -en

Adjectives in -en exhibit variable agreement.


Adjectives in -en also exhibit variable agreement. It is almost obligatory, though, with rimpen brusque:

Example 1

a. Koarte rimpene stjitten
short brusque motions
Short brusque motions
b. *Koarte rimpen stjitten
short brusque motions
Short brusque motions

The obligatoriness of agreement here depends on the presence or absence of Dutch counterparts. Rimpen brusque does not have a Dutch counterpart that is similar in form, and it exhibits almost always agreement in the Frisian Language Corpus. Iepen open has a formal counterpart in Dutch open open, and Dutch does not have agreement there (*opene open). Hence Frisian iepen open appears much more often without agreement than rimpen brusque, under the influence of Dutch.