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Phrase as base

There are two Frisian suffixes that can form an adverb on the basis of a phrase, viz. -en and -s. Examples are fanneden [[fan](P)[need](N)]]en of-need-en necessarily and ûnderweis [[ûnder](P)[wei](N)]s under-way-s on the way.

Most phrases are Adpositions Phrases (PPs), but Noun Phrases (NPs) also occur. They have a basic content; that is, articles, and often also adjectives, are missing. Therefore, the formations might be analysed as synthetic compounds as well. The function of the suffixes is to mark the transposition of the phrase to a word, and to mark its adverbial character. The pattern seems to be unproductive: only fixed combinations are involved. It should be noted that both suffixes also take adverbs as base.


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