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Adverbial suffixes

Four categories may form the basis to derive adverbs by way of suffixation. The most important are nouns and adverbs themselves. The typical nominal base is formed by a time expression, which thus can be used adverbially. If adverbs are suffixed, then the function of the process is often rather vague. In many cases not much more can be said than that the adverbiality is strengthened. Some cases show some more focus on the manner in which the event involved is performed.

Verbal bases are quite rare. Only the suffix -(e)lings is involved, which expresses a manner. The most peculiar base form is made up by phrases, in particular adposition phrases (PPs). However, such phrases are always defective; they never show an article, for example. Only two suffixes are attached to a phrasal base, i.e. -en and -s.


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