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If an adpositional phrase is used as an attributive adjunct, its function is to delimit the denotation of the noun; the denotation of the noun mannen'men' is larger than the denotation of the modified noun mannen met baarden'men with beards'. Attributively used adpositional phrases are generally headed by prepositions, as in (53a), but occasionally post- and circumpositional phrases are possible as well, as in (53b&c). As in the case of predicatively used adpositional phrases, spatial prepositional phrases refer to a location, whereas the post- and circumpositional ones refer to a path.

a. de weg op de berg
  the road  on  the mountain
  'the road on the mountain'
b. de weg de berg op
  the road  the mountain  onto
  'the road onto the mountain'
c. de weg naar de top toe
  the road  towards  the top  toe
  'the road towards the top'
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