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The suffix -liks can be used to create synthetic compounds on the basis of a few nouns denoting a relatively longer time span. The nouns are preceded by a numeral. An example is twawykliks two-week-SUFF biweekly. The derivation can be used as adjective, but also as adverb.


The number of synthetic compounds consisting of a numeral, a noun and the suffix -liks is quite limited, which is due to the restricted number of input nouns in particular. Only a few timespan nouns are available, i.e. the ones that denote a day, a week, a month and a year. Hence, we get formations like twawykliks two-week-ly biweekly, trijemoanliks three-month-SUFF quarterly or fiifjierliks five-year-SUFF five-yearly. A numeral like heal half is also possible, as in healjierliks half-year-ly half-yearly, biannually. In this case, heal shows breaking.

These synthetic compounds, as is the case with the derivations on -liks with a simplex base, are not only in use as an adjectives but also as adverbs. The use as adjective is restricted, see the topic on the suffix -liks, where also more information may found.

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