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Adjectival conversion

Conversion to adjectives almost exclusively occurs on the basis of verbs. Nominal bases are restricted to a few material nouns from the non-native stock. An example is aluminium aluminium, which may turn to an adjective, as in the example in aluminium fyts an aluminium bicycle. Strikingly, such converted adjectives are not inflected. Most adjectives denoting a material are derived by adding the suffix -en, however.

Conversion of verbs into adjectives occurs on a large scale; however, only with participles. Both present and past participles may be transposed, and both patterns are productive. The verb falle to fall, for instance, has the form fallend(e) as its present, en fallen as its past participle. Phrases like de fallende blêden the falling leaves and de fallene blêden the fallen leaves are illustrations of the phenomenon.


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