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Preposition + Adposition Phrase as its complement

The prepositions fan of (the starting point of an interval) and oant until (the end point of an interval) can be combined with a nominal complement, as in the first example, or with a prepositional complement, as in the second example below:

a. Fan de earste wrâldkriich oant de twadde
from the first world.war until the second
From World War 1 until World War 2
b. Fan foar de earste wrâldkriich oant nei de twadde
from before the first world.war until after the second
From before World War 1 until after World War 2

These prepositions denote the starting point and the end point of an interval, usually a temporal or a spatial interval, that is, they usually refer to time or space. The preposition tusken between is used to denote a subpart of an interval. The prepositions mentioned may also combine with a postpositional complement (preposition + postpositional phrase), as in the example below:

In brief fan [efter Ljouwert wei]
a letter from behind Ljouwert away
A letter from behind Ljouwert

Reference to the area around a point is made with the preposition om around (reference to the interval around a point).

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