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This chapter discusses adverbial modification of the clause. Section 8.1 starts by introducing the two main classes of adverbials, the so-called VP and clause adverbials: we will discuss their semantic contribution and propose several tests for distinguishing the two kinds. Section 8.2 continues by providing a further semantic subdivision of the main types of adverbial phrases, and Section 8.3 discusses the form of these adverbial phrases and shows that, across-the-board, VP adverbials show a greater variety here than clause adverbials. It seems generally accepted that VP adverbials must follow the clause adverbials; we will show in Section 8.4, however, that the various subtypes of adverbial phrases are subject to additional word order restrictions. Section 8.5 concludes with a brief discussion of verbs such as wonen'to live', which obligatorily combine with an adverbial phrase: we will argue that this is not motivated by syntactic but by pragmatic considerations.

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