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14.4. Bibliographical notes

Pragmatic markers have received much attention in the literature on pragmatics and discourse since Schiffrin (1987). Readers interested in theoretical literature on pragmatic markers are referred to, e.g., the surveys in Blakemore (2002), Romero-Trillo (2009), and Aijmer (2002), as well as the recent collection of articles in Degand et al. (2013). Foolen & Van der Wouden (2011) provide a short survey focusing more particularly on Dutch.
      Left dislocation has traditionally received a great deal of attention in the syntactic literature; cf. Paardekooper (1986:417ff.) and Haeseryn et al. (1997: Section 21.8). A set of older and more recent articles on this topic from the point of view of formal approaches to syntax is collected in Anagnostopoulou & Van Riemsdijk (1997). A brief review of the theoretical literature can be found in Alexiadou (2006) and in Section 14.2, sub VIII, which also discusses a recent proposal by Ott (2014), according to which left-dislocated phrases are derived in essentially the same way as fragment clauses.
      Right dislocation has received much less attention than left dislocation in the syntactic literature; however, Ott & De Vries (2015) provides a good review of the basic properties of the construction.

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