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10.3. Verb-first/second: special cases

This section discusses a number of special cases concerning the placement of finite verbs, which have in common that they pose (sometimes apparent) problems for the view that verb-second is an obligatory and exclusive property of Dutch main clauses. Section 10.3.1 starts by discussing a class of main clauses in which verb-second fails to apply. Section 10.3.2 continues with a number of embedded adverbial clauses in which verb-second does apply. We will not discuss here the use of clauses introduced by the complementizer dat'that' or of'if' as independent utterances such as given in (104); for this, we refer the reader to Section 5.1.7.

a. Dat je dat kan!
  that  you  that  can
  'It is amazing that you can do that!'
b. En of ik dat wil!
  and  whether  that  want
  'I certainly want that!'
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