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Table 13 gives the subset of simple prepositions from Table 5 in Section 1.2.2 that can be used to express a spatial meaning; we have not included beneden because of the limited use of this preposition; cf. the remark below Table 5.

Table 13: Spatial prepositions
aan on naar towards tot (en met) until
achter behind naast next to tussen between
bij near om around uit out
binnen inside onder under van from
boven above op on(to)/at vanaf from
buiten outside over across vanuit from out of
door through rond(om) around via via
in in(to) tegen against voor in front of
langs along tegenover across voorbij past

Spatial prepositions that are mainly used in official and written languageare: benoorden/beoosten/bewesten/bezuiden'to the north/east/west/south of' (in colloquial speech, the phrasal prepositions ten noorden/oosten/westen/zuiden van are used), and the related formations benevens'besides' and bezijden, the latter of which only occurs in the fixed expression bezijden de waarheid'far from the truth'.
      This section provides a semantic classification of the spatial prepositions in Table 13. We will show that these prepositions can be divided into three main groups: (i) deictic, (ii) absolute, and (iii) inherent prepositions. An even more fine-grained subclassification will be proposed on the basis of vector theory outlined in Section An overview of the classification is given in Section

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