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8.6.Bibliographical notes

Adverbs/adverbials have figured prominently in the literature on semantics, but they have received relatively little attention in the syntactic literature. The discussion in this chapter has taken as its point of departure the division between clause adverbials and VP adverbials; cf. Jackendoff (1972), and also Kraak & Klooster (1972:ch.9) and Van den Hoek (1972). The semantic subdivision of these two main groups described in Section 8.2 more or less follows the divisions found in Quirk et al. (1985) and Huddleston & Pullum (2002). Although we diverge from Haeseryn et al. (1997) in that we deny the existence of a separate category of adverbs, this work has provided a solid empirical basis for our discussion in Section 8.3 of the categorial form of adverbial phrases. Although the linear order of adverbials phrases has received attention in the generative literature since Van den Hoek (1972) and Koster (1974), this has not led to greater insight in the nature of the restrictions that determine this order. The issue was put firmly on the research agenda with the publication of Cinque (1999/2006) and Schweikert (2005), who claimed (for all languages) that adverbials are base-generated in fixed structural positions in the clause. The syntactic approach was soon challenged by Ernst (2002), who claims that the distribution of adverbials is basically determined by semantic factors. The debate, which is still ongoing, has revived the interest in the distributional aspects of adverbials, as is clear from the articles collected by Artemis Alexiadou in Lingua 114/6(theme issue: Adverbs across frameworks), which provide reviews of a number of selected recent approaches to this topic. More general introductions to the literature on adverbs and adverbial phrases are Delfitto (2006) and Maienborn & Schäfer (2011).

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