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8.4.Bibliographical notes

The literature on wh-movement and topicalization is vast, and we will only be able to mention to some of the most prominent contributions to the discussion here. The core properties of these movements have been described by Chomsky (1977). An extensive discussion of the so-called complementizer-trace phenomenon can be found in Chomsky & Lasnik (1977), and the object-subject asymmetry has played an important role in the formulation of the Empty Category Principle in Chomsky (1981). The Superiority Condition is taken from Chomsky (1973), and has later been subsumed under the Relativized Minimality Condition proposed in Rizzi (1990). Section 8.1.2 did not fully discuss all of the intricacies involved in these movements. For example, we barely scratched the issue related to the domain from which long wh-movement is possible (cf. Huang 1982). For the moment we confine ourselves to making reference to the papers collected in Cheng & Corver (2006) for a review of the current state of the art. We return more extensively to issues concerning these movements in V11.3.
      The literature on scrambling is also vast but, unlike the case of wh-movement and topicalization, it has not yet led to a clear consensus on the nature of the operation. The existing approaches to object scrambling can be divided into three different groups depending on whether it is considered to be A- or A'-movement, or to involve base-generation; a representative sample of these approaches can be found in Corver & Van Riemsdijk (1994). Webelhuth (1989/1992) has shown that Dutch/German object scrambling has properties of both A- and A'-movement, a fact that is often referred to as Webelhuthʼs paradox. This has given rise to the claim that the term scrambling actually refers to (at least) two different types of movement; cf., e.g., Vanden Wyngaerd (1988/1989), Déprez (1989), Mahajan (1990), Neeleman (1994b), and Broekhuis (2008). The type of scrambling discussed in Section 8.1.3 is of the A-movement sort. For a more extensive discussion of the various sorts of scrambling we refer to Section Section V13.
      Again, it is not possible to give a representative overview of the literature concerning the expletive construction and the so-called definiteness effect. Some important contributions have already been mentioned in the bibliographical notes to Chapter 6.
      A classical study on Dutch copular constructions with a nominal predicate is Blom & Daalder (1977). More recent studies concerning nominal predicates are Moro (1997) and Den Dikken (2006); we refer the reader to these studies for additional references. There are not many studies on the adverbial use of noun phrases; our discussion on the use of noun phrases as temporal adjuncts is mainly built on the discussion found in the more traditional grammars. For the use of noun phrases as measure phrases, see Klooster (1972) and Corver (1990).

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