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This chapter discusses the use of numerals and quantifiers within the nominal projection. Generally speaking, these elements occur in prenominal position after the determiners, as in (1a&b). This can be accounted for by assuming that the structure of the noun phrase is as given in (1c), in which D indicates the position of the determiners and NUM/Q the position that can be occupied by a numeral or a quantifier. We will see, however, that, especially in the case of quantifiers, there are several deviant patterns that cannot be readily accounted for by means of the structure in (1c).

Example 1
a. de drie boeken
  the  three  books
b. de vele problemen die hij had
  the  many  problems  that  he  had
c. [DP D [NumP NUM/Q [NP ... N ...]]]

We will start in Section 6.1 with a discussion of the numerals. Section 6.2 will be concerned with the quantifiers. Section 6.3 conclude this chapter with a more detailed discussion of so-called quantitative er, given that this element may only occur in association with indefinite noun phrases that contain a cardinal number or a well-defined subset of quantifiers: Ik heb er [NP twee/veel [e]]'I have got two/a lot of them'.