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5.3.Bibliographical notes

Much has been written about the function of (in)definiteness. Two influential studies on this topic are Hawkins (1978) and Heim (1982), both of which take a semantico-pragmatic approach. For an overview of the various logical, semantic and pragmatic approaches, see Keizer (1992a) and Alexiadou et al. (2007: part II). For discussions of the formal semantic aspects of (in)definiteness, the speaker is referred to Reuland & Ter Meulen (1989). Other formal semantic discussions of indefiniteness are Diesing (1992) and Ruys (1993).
      An overview of the Dutch determiner system can be found in Haeseryn et al. (1997: 813ff.). Coppen (1991) discusses the position of determiners, quantifiers and numerals within the Dutch noun phrase from the point of view of the government-and-binding framework of generative grammar, Montague grammar and computational linguistics; De Jong (1991) does so from the point of view of X-bar Theory and the theory of generalized quantifiers. Bhatt (1990) is concerned with the structure of the noun phrase, the position of determiners and quantifiers and the role of functional categories; although the discussion is based on data from German, the theoretical considerations are also of interest for Dutch. In part II and IV of Alexiadou et al. (2007), a discussion can be found of some recent generative approaches to, respectively, the determiner system and possessive constructions with possessive pronouns and genitive noun phrases.
      A large number of studies on (in)definiteness within the noun phrase have been written within the framework of generalized quantifiers (Barwise and Cooper 1981). For a discussion of Dutch determiners and quantifiers, see De Jong & Verkuyl (1985); De Hoop & De Swart (1990) deals with both English and Dutch. The use of definite and indefinite articles in generic sentences is extensively discussed in Oosterhof (2008). For a discussion of the negative determiner geen'no', see Klooster (2001b), as well as parts of Haegeman (1995). Finally, a discussion of determiner sharing (in general with some Dutch data) can be found in Ackema and Szendrői (2002). For further discussion and references, see Chapter 6.

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